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Three Steps to Clean Australian Sandstone

Cleaning Australian sandstone doesn’t need to be done very often as it ages exceptionally well, however a yearly clean can be a great way to refresh the natural stone.

We spoke to Gosford Quarries on the best way to safely clean your Australian sandstone and they have recommended three simple steps.

1. Mix 1 part of liquid pool chlorine with 9 parts of water in a spray dispenser.

2. Apply the solution to pavers (or any other sandstone).

3. Leave the solution on the stone for one hour and then rinse with clean water.

You could also consider using a standard pressure nozzle on a garden hose and a light brush to assist with the stain removal.

If the stone is still dirty, repeat the process or intensify the chlorine solution.

Please note that this method is only suitable for Australian sandstone and can vary depending on how your sandstone has been sealed. Methods may vary for oxidising materials.

If you are unsure (or out of time!), give our Garden Maintenance team a call to find out the best way to safely clean your sandstone surfaces.


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