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Lindfield Project

Our client’s wanted classically styled gardens, built upon a semi-formal framework. They requested level spaces for the kids to play on and a swimming pool, which was to be the hero of the project.

Despite having to deal with what seemed at the time to be constant unplanned and forced design changes during the construction phase, the landscape was still able to be delivered in a way that mostly reflected the original design intent. The result speaks for itself.

This large garden is made up of different ‘pockets’ – a vegetable garden, formal front garden, large grassed area for the kids to play, a pool area, a patio for entertaining and a small relaxation garden that houses a stunning water feature.

Our planting schedule included  Viburnum, Japanese Box Hedging, Hydrangea’s, Gardenia’s and Ornamental Pear trees.

The result was a stunning semi-formal classic style garden that adheres to a young families growing needs.


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