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Joanne Green Garden Maintenance - Autumn and Winter Lawn Care

May Garden Tips from the Joanne Green Garden Maintenance Team.

Although the warmer months are behind us your lawn still needs attention to keep the growth soft, vigorous and dense throughout autumn and winter.

 1. Regular pH (potential hydrogen) test –

After regular fertilising to your lawn through summer you may not have realised your lawn is suffering from incorrect pH levels. A quick test will indicate where your lawn sits on the pH scale and show us what steps are required to ensure optimal success.

If the pH reading is not sitting at or around 6.5 – 7 (ideal pH for lawns), then the grasses will not be able to uptake and utilise the fertiliser that you are applying.

A small pH kit is available from your nursery.

2. To help prevent insect infestation and poor lawn growth continued fertiliser applications and lawn care is essential through autumn and winter. After checking the pH levels it will be easy to establish a suitable program of fertiliser applications and weed management for your lawn.

3. Iron supplements help to impart a lush, deep blue – green colour to your lawn and a light treatment will provide sustained health in the lead up to spring.

4. Magnesium is one of many nutrients essential for plant growth. A deficiency can lead to reduced photosynthesis, stunted growth and prevent various lawns from being a great feature of your garden.

5. Winter grass (Poa annua) can become an extensive problem in many lawns and May through to June is the best time for Joanne Green to take action with use of a herbicide spraying schedule.

Our appropriate treatments and qualified staff will provide a plan for your lawn, so that it succeeds in being a beautiful feature of your garden both now and in the lead up to Spring.

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Written by Kyle Cassim

Expert Horticulturists on the Joanne Green Garden Maintenance Team


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