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Whale Beach Project

A contemporary coastal native garden situated in Sydney exclusive Northern Beaches suburb; Whale Beach. The majority of the garden was completed in 2011, with an extra deck added to the property earlier this year.

Our Brief was to provide comfortable pedestrian access from the rear of the house, down to a deck above the cliff top; increase the level of privacy from adjacent properties; provide suitable vegetative cover to help stabilise slopes and try to discourage weed infestation.

What we created was lush gardens consisting predominantly of local coastal native vegetation interspersed with pockets of bold exotic species. A series of level access paths & steps created from treated timber running with the slope. Boundary fencing was replaced with brush style fencing. Construction of a new hardwood deck and strategically placed landscape lighting.

Main Plants used where Bracelet Honey Myrtle, Hillock Bush, Coastal Rosemary, Mat Rush, Dwarf Baeckea, Knobby Club Rush, Callistemon ‘Little John’.

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to ask.

Written by Rory Graham

Photography by Angela Neylon

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