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Trending: Curves, Zellige, Neutrals

with Interior Designer, Angela Neylon.

Staying on top of current trends is something that is required as an interior designer, but for Angela it's also a passion and an ongoing learning that she enjoys. "I look abroad to see what is trending; reading industry publications and attending industry events all help to educate and create inspiration. Oh, and I follow A LOT of brands on Instagram." laughs Angela. Curves "At the moment we are seeing a lot of curves and I love how these can really soften a space; Frankie Salon was a perfect example of this. Curves can be incorporated into various aspects of a space, from hard structures such as doorways and shelving as well as with styling in the form of mirrors and lighting."

Zellige "The Moroccan handmade Zellige tiles that we used in Frankie Salon are gorgeous. Being handmade, there are imperfections, but I love how that added character to the design. We used the tiles as a feature on the centre island as well as on select walls, but they can also be used in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries, and can look stunning in a kitchen."

Neutrals "Neutrals are a great way to create a base from which you can then build on other colours as well as textures. In the main space of Frankie Salon we used Dulux Whitsunday Island, which is a softer white. It had just the right amount of yellow in it for a slightly warm tone and created a base for the brass detailing, leather seating and timber cabinetry."

Looking for inspiration for your interior space? Not sure where to start? Click here to find out more about our interior design services and speak with Angela to discuss your requirements.


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