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Outdoor Furniture for Relaxing Summer Afternoons

Is there anything better than lounging around the pool on a sunny summer afternoon? Our Interior Designer, Angela has selected a few of her favourite outdoor pieces of furniture and accessories that add glamour and style to any pool deck.

Above: Joanne's backyard in Newport featuring the Branch Lounger

Inspired by tree branches, the Branch Lounger has a fluid and organic shape that shows sophisticated design. Made from recyclable and optimally weather-resistant materials, it’s one of Joanne’s favourite pieces, with a pair sitting right by her pool. It’s the ultimate in comfort and the family love laying out by the pool.

With its relaxed shape and generous proportions, the Hee Lounge is perfect for both socialising and simply taking in the glorious view. The modern and contemporary style of chair has clean, simple lines that makes is suitable for a variety of different gardens. In our North Sydney landscaping project, we added custom cushions to enhance the relaxed and comfortable style.

The weatherproof, stackable chair goes through an electro-galvanized process before it is lacquered, which makes it rust-resistant and perfect for outdoor use. This is certainly an outdoor occasional chair that will stand the test of time.

Above: Our project in North Sydney featuring the Hee Lounges

Above: Joanne's backyard in Newport featuring the Serge beach umbrella

We love the classic navy and white striped umbrella, its nautical style adds some colour and fun to your garden. We love this umbrella because of its classic shape, reminding us of holidays in the French Riviera. Paired with the sleek and elegant circular umbrella base it can be used pool side or beach side, while the renowned Basil Bangs Hinge allows for quick and easy set up.

If your pool area or outdoor space is looking a little drab, just give us a call! Whether the landscaping needs to be redesigned to maximise the space or you’d like to add a pool, our team will provide the utmost professional service and clever design to give you the backyard of your dreams. Simply call 9979 5363 or email


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