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Making An Entrance: Our Top Five Entrance Materials

Paths and driveways are a hot topic here at Joanne Green Landscape and Interior and are landscaping projects that we frequently get asked about! It’s probably because updating the entrance to a home can make such an impact and creates that ultimate curb appeal.

We have rounded up our top five driveway and path materials, with details on each hard surface so you can consider what may suit your home.

Browse through our picks below and view our project highlights which showcase these five materials in situ...


Why we love it

  • Durable

  • Detail can be added with textures, patterns and borders

  • Stains and dyes can be added to achieve different colours

  • Cost-effective

  • Suitable for sites with varied levels and gradients

  • Customisable to suit a variety of architectural styles

Project highlight: Bungan Beach

The original bitumen driveway was crumbling and worn and needed to be updated to complement the renovated historic home. With a requirement to provide guest parking for up to four cars, reinforced concrete was chosen for its durability and cost-effectiveness.

Once the concrete was poured and cured, several coats of a cement epoxy (in a charcoal colour) was applied to the surface followed by three coats of sealer. A 10mm border line around the perimeter of the drive was included to provide extra detail.


Why we love it

  • Natural appearance, with a relaxed coastal feel

  • Inexpensive

  • Stable under foot

  • Available in a variety of colours

  • Semipermeable, allowing some water to drain through

Project highlight: Manly

The largest influencer of the design in this project was the gradient of the site. “It needed to be addressed in a way which would connect the spaces within the landscape, allow for movability and create (and maximise) the areas which could be truly lived-in.” said Rory, Landscape Designer. To achieve this, stairs and a series of rendered walling was incorporated, to create clear pathways which would separate areas of the garden.

Pathways were finished with decomposed granite, with the non-slip surface softening the space and differentiating the paths from the bluestone steps. Furthermore, the granite was also chosen for its natural aesthetic which complemented the coastal locale.

Granite sourced from Australian Native Landscapes.


Why we love it

  • Unique finish with a rustic feel

  • Nonslip

  • Durable

  • Provides excellent drainage

  • Cost effective

Project highlight: Whale Beach

This property boasts breathtaking views of the bay; however, the site was extremely challenging with significant gradients, heavy soil and was exposed to the coastal elements. The brief was to create a more naturalistic landscape that belonged to the location and improve views from the home out to the ocean. Within the area, a series of stairs and pathways were constructed to provide functional access for maintenance and a lookout area. The blue metal was chosen for a multitude of reasons, including its drainage aspect, it is low cost, and from a labour perspective it was easier to handle than heavier materials such as pavers.

Aggregate sourced from Australian Native Landscapes.


Why we love it:

  • 100% natural stone

  • Dense and hard wearing

  • Nonslip qualities

  • Available in a variety of styles

  • Timeless and sleek aesthetic

Project highlight: Manly

The existing drive was finished with decomposed granite and needed to be updated to accommodate the flow of vehicles and foot traffic of the clients. Bluestone pavers were chosen as they are highly durable, but were also selected with the aim that their dark colour would disguise any tire marks. The natural stone pavers were laid in a modular French pattern over a reinforced concrete slab, which neatly curved and framed the levelled lawn. The curve was needed to allow cars to navigate without cutting across the grass.

Pavers sourced from Eco Outdoor.


Why we love it

  • 100% natural split stone

  • Flexible aesthetic and is well suited to both classic and modern designs

  • Offers a unique pattern

  • Lends itself well to curves

  • Slip resistant

Project highlight: Bungan Beach

The preexisting pathway was a series of steppers that connected the driveway to the front door, and during periods of rain, it became slippery and difficult to navigate. A new solid pathway of Endicott Crazy Paving (a natural split stone) from Eco Outdoor was formed and laid over reinforced concrete. The Endicott Crazy Paving is a stunning material and was chosen to match some existing paved sections on the property, as well as complement the historic home and create a truly striking entrance.

Endicott sourced from Eco Outdoor.


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