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Introducing Joanne Green's Interior Design Division

We are very excited to announce the launch of our interior design division. Design; at its core is about creating functional solutions in sophisticated manner. Sydneysiders live such active indoor/outdoor lifestyles and we believe this should be inherently reflected in the way our homes are designed. However, so many places are designed with an abrupt disconnect between the interior and exterior.

After 33 years in the Landscaping industry, we decided to branch into interior design so that we can create holistic environments for our clients that focus on connection between people, spaces and the site. Using functional solutions, we aim to design spaces that will enhance Sydney’s indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Joanne’s daughter, Angela Neylon, has joined the team as our resident interior designer. After completing her degree at RMIT University with a Bachelor of Design (Interior), she then went on to work at a small architecture firm in Melbourne. Expanding Joanne Green to include an interior design division had always been on the cards as a future venture. After moving back to Sydney in 2012, Angela started managing the marketing for Joanne Green whilst working with a small collection of clients on interior projects, before officially commencing the interior division in 2013.

Following Joanne Green’s signature aesthetic our interiors are sophisticated spaces that place emphasis on the relationship between beauty and functionality.

Our Interior Design services includes:

  • Space planning and conceptual design

  • Materials, finishes and fixture selection

  • Selection of furniture, lighting and accessories

  • Custom design of wardrobes and built in joineryDesign of bespoke upholstery and cushionsSelection of window treatment

  • Colour consulting

  • Outdoor furniture and pot selection

Please send all design enquiries to or call us today on 02 9979 5363


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