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Creating Sophisticated Interiors

A semi formal living room, finished with natural textures and warm neutral tones.

Last year finished on a high for our Interior Designer, Angela, after she completed and photographed her latest project in Sydney's Killarney Heights. We have dived into this project to share the details on what was involved to bring this stunning space together.

The owners had been living in their home for a number of years and the existing living room was a large and dated space. They wanted to create a warm, inviting and functional semi-formal living room which they could use for entertaining friends and family.

The fireplace was to be the focal point of the room, with custom joinery built-in either side. Smart storage solutions were to be incorporated and needed to feature a mix of open shelving and closed cabinets so that the owners could put away any electronics but also display some of their favourite objects. Natural textures and neutral tones in the finishes were to be featured so that the design would complement the existing travertine tiled flooring.

What was your inspiration for this design?

My intention for this project was to create spaces that delivered practical solutions in a sophisticated manner. I wanted the design to be non-fussy, using ‘natural textures’ to inspire a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Warm finishes were used to complement the existing travertine flooring in the living room. Paired with a deep blue rug, woven linen sofas and fresh contemporary artwork, we produced a layered, warm, and inviting space. Perfect for entertaining or relaxing by the fire on a Saturday night.

What is your favourite feature of the design?

I love the grass cloth wall paper in the office in conjunction with the walnut veneer joinery. The result has been the warm and sophisticated home office that has a playful nod to a ‘mad men’ style executive office. 

Clockwise from left: A sophisticated home office; In-built closed cabinetry with wicker inserts; Open shelving in walnut veneer; Semi formal living; Warm natural materials connect the living and office spaces.

What would you say has really pulled the design together?

I wanted to create a visual link to each space through materiality. The first room you walk through is the sitting room which has walnut veneer cabinetry with wicker panels, these materials are pulled through to the office and living room in different formats. This was done to create a fluid connection between each space.

What did you love working with most on this project?

The whole process of the project was really fun. It’s always great when the renovation is designed to suit the family long-term (as opposed to renovating for sale). I love creating spaces that respond to the family needs, both functionality and aesthetically.

What three words would you use to describe the space now?

Warm, sophisticated and inviting.

As an interior designer, you would have your own creative style. Is this reflected in your Killarney Project or did you solely create to the clients wishes?

My personal style is always incorporated through a project, and as a designer that is important. However, the clients personality is always woven throughout, which is what makes all projects unique. That intersection of my style with their desires. I love a muted material pallet that highlights natural finishes and textures. At Killarney this is very prevalent in all aspects of the design, from the use of walnut joinery, wicker panelling and sisal wallpaper to the fresh white walls and joinery used throughout. Where the clients wishes appear is in the type of joinery designed, how much storage they required, what the space will be used for, what kind of colours and tones do they like etc. In this project the client wanted warm finishes and furniture that suitable for both entertaining and relaxing. A project begins with the client’s brief, and it is through my interpretation of that brief where my creative style is exposed.

Did the finished space meet the client’s needs and wants?

With COVID 19, the home office has gone from a luxury to a necessity! But aside from that, the new design has created relaxed and sophisticated spaces that have provided functional solutions for their family.

The semi-formal living room, home office and family TV room provided my clients with spaces that respond to their individual needs, whether they are after relaxation, entertaining, watching TV, quality family time or a space to work and/or schoolwork.

With COVID 19 and isolation, a family’s ability to have separate spaces for each person’s particular needs has become more important than ever. That is where the real benefit of hiring a designer pays off, our most important role in your project is developing smart solutions that respond and enhance your lifestyle. It is only once that has been resolved, that we turn those solutions into something beautiful.

Interested in renovating an interior in your home? Not sure where to start? Click here to our contact Interior Designer, Angela Neylon.

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