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Avalon Landscape Design by Joanne Green Landscape and Interior

A water front home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches featuring a subtropical garden that complements the home and incredible landscape surrounds. Our brief for this project was simple, to freshen up the existing gardens – a makeover if you will. The overgrown, tired gardens just did not complement the contemporary home or the remarkable waterfront views of Pittwater.

What we created was a cool crisp oasis that blends into its surrounding landscape. A predominantly subtropical planting schedule was introduced; including some local native plants to provide reference the national parks that you can see across the water. The garden acts as visual pathway to the ocean view, it is designed to trail the eye out and allow the viewer to appreciate the gardens true feature.

Wind protection and tough coast tolerant plants where a priority so we opted for a selection of hardy exotic plants and local native plants. These included Dwarf Phoenix Palms, Mexican Lilly, Japanese Star Jasmine, Japanese Mock Orange, Bird-of-Paradise.

Designed and Constructed by Joanne Green Landscape Design

Completed in 2014

Location: Avalon, Northern Beaches, Sydney

Services used: Landscape Design, Landscape Construction, Garden Maintenance

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Written and Photographed by Angela Neylon

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