Stone Edge Farm by Landscape Architect Andrea Cochran

Stone edge farm, designed by landscape architect Andrea Cochran is situated in the Sonoma Valley, California. Aptly named due to its unique location over an alluvial plane. The site is the private residence for the owners; the estate includes a commercial vineyard, an olive orchid and an organic garden. In 2001 the owners purchased an additional 3.5 acres of land next to their residence.

It was important that the new garden be dramatically different from the rest of the estate. The brief was to create a ‘retreat’ they wanted a simple and modern design to balance out the agricultural activity on the other parts of the property. The land included several ancient California bay trees, oaks and buck eyes that were to be incorporated into the new design.

The property was to include a celestial observatory to house the husband’s 50cm telescope and extensive library. To infuse tranquillity a spa building was added, doubling as a media centre. A 30m long asymmetrical pyramid sculpture was created out of alluvial stone that was unearthed during construction. This sculpture came about as the owners wanted to recycle as much of the materials as possible.

The rest of the site is predominantly flat, a 25m raised lap pool was introduced to anchor the site, connecting the 2 core ten steel buildings with the ancient bay tree. The pool looks out to rows of ancient olive trees that were rescued from an old orchid in northern California.

A meadow of drought tolerant grasses including Pink Muhly, Atlas Fescue, Slender Veldt and Little Bluestem, essentially work as fillers. Subtly connecting all the architectural elements whilst covering up the land that was damaged during construction

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Written by Angela Neylon

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Photographs via Andrea Cochran