South Yarra Home by Melbourne Interior Designer Fiona Lynch

Stage 1 of this South Yarra home has been completed by Melbourne based Interior Designer Fiona Lynch, and lets just say it leaves us begging for more. Between the soft greys and subtle pops of pastel colour, this tiny space is a breath of fresh air!

A tranquil retreat laced in style and sophistication. The pastel pink shelving gives a subtle lift against the soft greys that envelope the space. A black floor lamp adds a much-needed graphic punch, giving the space a refined edge.

Sheer curtains are used to define the space and add a textural element, creating a sense of privacy in the open area. A hint of surprise and intrigue is generated by the klein blue drawer inserts.

A soft, poetic yet surprising interior that has a sophisticated sense of fun.

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Written by Angela Neylon

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