Home 06 by Dutch Interior Architects i29

Home 06 by Dutch Interior Architects i29.

“The panorama on the overgrown plant-wall and the contrast with the minimalistic white bed/bathroom provides an intense experience.”

i29 Interior Architects have designed a simplistic, minimalist concept residence in Singel, Amsterdam. Home 06 is essentially one large open space, but several functions have been placed into freestanding volumes. The home features one interior wall that is covered in plants which contrasts dramatically to the minimalist white interior, whilst still creating a calm ‘zen’ atmosphere. The lush outlook onto the vertical garden from the bedroom/bathroom was an integral part of the design, integration of nature is an important part of Japanese culture, the clients homeland.

Notes from the designers:

— HOME 06

This residence at Singel, Amsterdam (NL) exists from one open space where several functions have been put into freestanding objects. The kitchen and wardrobe are placed near the entrance and combined into one single volume.

The bath and bedroom is hidden into a volume which is placed at the rear of the house. From the open living area you look alongside the volume towards the vertical garden and the entrance stairs to the roof terrace. The view on the green wall holds a promise in itself which will be redeemed once you enter the bed/bathroom. The small measurements of this combined bed and bathroom are in contrast with its spaciousness, while containing a private and personal feeling.

The panorama on the overgrown plant-wall and the contrast with the minimalistic white bed/bathroom provides an intense experience. Integration of nature is an important aspect of traditional culture in Japan, the homeland of the client. The integrated in-house vertical garden is an example of this. Other features where simplicity and minimalist details.

The project was nominated for the Bathroom design awards 2010.


Address: Singel, Amsterdam Design: i29 interior architects Client: private Photos: i29 interior architects Constructor: M.J.Rasch Interior build: H2B interiors Materials: aluminum, burl walnut wood, epoxy, glass, live wall Sanitary: Vola, Easydrain, HiMacs

*All images and information courtesy of i29 interior architects.


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