Brentwood residence II by Landscape Designer Nancy Power

Brentwood Residence II was built over 20 years ago, designed by Nancy Powers Landscape Architecture studio Nancy Goslee Power & Associates.

As garden designers one of our biggest jobs is to ‘fix’ or enhance views, blocking surrounding houses, roads, telephone poles, anything that creates a disconnect between the viewer and nature.

A young garden can never accomplish this, it takes time for it to grow into itself, to fill out the open spaces, grow tall to create privacy and thick to establish intimacy. Powers studio has had the unique pleasure of watching this garden become “enclosed, more mysterious, cooler and shadier”. Working with the new owners, and original Architect, Richard “Dick” Martin, Powers firm 20 years later continue to oversee new plantings whilst shaping and refining the garden – let me tell you, as a designer there is no greater delight.

“Designed to blend a contemporary home with its native canyon setting, NGP&A used a Mediterranean plant palette to create groups of intimate spaces, strolling paths and terraces which take advantage of the dramatic topography and spectacular views.”

“Strong axial stairs of sweetwater stone cross through the winding paths on the hill. Tough Mediterranean plants line the walk. Bronze cannas, several salvias, Leucadendron ‘Safari Sunset’, and phormium grow next to robust Italian cypress”

“ a small amphitheatre softened by purple muhly grass backed by a curtain of Miscanthus, where family and friends can watch the children frolicking or performing on the lawn from broad sitting steps of sweetwater stone”.

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Written by Angela Neylon

Interior Designer.

Quotes taken from Nancy Powers’ book “Power of Gardens”

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