The Boltons by Landscape Designer Luciano Guibbilei

“I see the creation of the garden as a journey, moving gradually to achieve a sense of silence.”

– Luciano Guibbili

Luciano’s style is characterised by simple clean symmetrical designs that play with the relationship between nature, materials, light, space and art. His garden ‘The Boltons’ is a beautiful manifestation of his design philosophy.

The garden is a trapezoidal plot that has been broken up in response to the interior programs and services. A large terrace flows from the house providing a space for relaxation and outdoor dining. It features Portland stone that is laid in stack bond, running perpendicular to the house to produce a sense of movement.

Full Width Stairs lead up to the main lawn, these create a generous sense of proportion. Extending from the stairs, the architecture of the garden is shaped by the planting structure. The lengths of the garden are lined with Taxus baccata, creating solid voids that create sharply defined shadows and pools of light. A pathway of limestone gravel provides a structured walk through the garden placing the individuals attention to the changing viewports, framed by the specimens.

The garden privacy is provide by Capinus betulus and Tilia x europaea ‘Pallida’. This lush green garden is graced with pure-white flowers come autumn curtsey of the Anemone x hybrida. Garden lighting is mainly used at low levels, to wash the lawn, pathway and paving.

The Bolton garden produces an enriched sense of space that silently muffles the busy London street surround. Its beauty and presence completely remove the visitor and as they progress through the garden gradually propels them into a state of peace and tranquillity.


Address: The Boltons,  Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, England

Landscape Designer: Luciano Guibbilei

Client: Private


Landscape Contractor: Landform Consultants